The best walking socks

The best walking socks

Stay comfortable and blister-free on long hikes with our pick of the best hiking socks.

A good pair of walking socks can make all the difference over a long day of hiking. Just like running socks, a decent pair of walking socks will help you avoid chafing, blisters and sore spots while keeping your skin dry by wicking away sweat and adding cushioning to the impact areas.

There’s endless pairs of walking socks out there: our guide lets you stride through those muddy waters in confidence (as well as warmth and comfort).

What to look for when choosing walking socks.

For runners, you may like to invest in a multi-tasking pair of socks that are not only designed for hiking but can also be used on runs. One thing to bear in mind is the height of the sock – if you’re wearing boots that cover the ankle you’ll want mid-to-high-cut socks to ensure no skin on your ankle rubs on the boot.

Material – the more wool in the mix, the warmer and more breathable the sock will be. Merino wool is especially good in this respect. It’s a natural fibre that’s breathable, odour-limiting and keeps the cold out. You’ll pay a higher price for this wonder-fibre, though. Wool blends are also popular, and more sustainable than virgin polyester.

Fit – you want a pair that’s snug-fitting to keep it held up. If the sock begins to slip down on a long walk, you increase the chances of rubbing and chafing. Equally, a tight fit around the arch of the foot helps keep it in place. Most socks come with extra padding on the heel and forefoot with the aim of limiting hot spots on longer treks.

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