How to shop for the best sport socks?

Considering you can’t really try on socks before purchasing them, figuring out which pairs suit your feet best for a workout can be a bit tricky. If you know what you’re looking for, though, that hurdle will be a thing of the past.

When on the hunt for a great pair of athletic socks, Cameron Countryman, a certified personal trainer and Onyx trainer, suggests taking five variables into consideration.

How to shop for athletic socks

First of all, you want to make sure the comfort and fit are correct. “A sock that slides around in your shoe or down your foot while trying to run or physically train is one of the most frustrating feelings,” said Countryman. “The first thing I notice when I place a sock on my foot is how snug it is — I never want something so tight that it’s going to cut off circulation or leave fabric marks on my skin, but I also want to feel support around important areas like my Achilles and my arch.”

The next factor to consider is moisture absorption and breathability. “Foot sweat and moisture is any crossfitter’s or marathon runner’s worst nightmare,” explained Countryman. “With moisture comes friction and with friction comes blisters. Our feet are our biggest asset in regard to transportation and activity and no one wants their active lifestyle to be halted because of painful blisters that take days to heal.”

Style is another factor to take into consideration, as well as durability. “Socks (and underwear) go through the washing machine more than any other piece of clothing,” said Countryman. “I don’t want to purchase a sock that is going to be broken down after multiple washes and lose its fit. Having a sock that can last in the wash and still provide that comfort is key.”

Finally, you really want to make sure the price is right when it comes to finding the best sport socks. “Everyone has their price point — I never want to rely on the cheapest option and hope for the best, but I also do not want to spend an arm and a leg for one pair of socks that I may or may not lose in the next two weeks,” admitted Countryman.

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