Custom socks is a great branded gift idea

We all have branded t-shirt hidden at some corner of our closet. Probably more than one pair of them, all equally rarely being wore. It used to be a go-to idea for gifts… Until custom embroidered socks came in.  

Think about it – what can be a more practical souvenir idea than a pair of socks? Maybe your logo will be less visible, but so it would be on a t-shirt that no one wears. But enough about t-shirt. 
Companies turn into branded socks, as it is a far less exhausted gift option than cups, umbrellas and other traditional solutions. But it is still a simple one and something, that people will definitely use. How many people you know who don’t wear socks daily? 

The technology of socks manufacturing is sophisticated enough to fit most of creative design ideas. As always with clothing, there are some limitations, but most of manufacturers will be happy to help you with finding the closest solution to your vision. If you prefer to have only your logo on, then it should be no problem at all. 

Creative socks can be especially successful if you are dealing with young people – it has been becoming a bit of a trend lately to wear your socks so they can be seen. It’s part of style and a way of showing personality. Creating a limited edition of socks will give your fans a reason to get excited and prove their loyalty by showing them not only in the streets, but on Instagram and other social networks. Suddenly invisible socks don’t seem so invisible! 

We could go on, but it should be clear by now – custom socks are a great choice. Much better than t-shirt. And it will make you seen in a new light, trust us. At the very least, your fans will be happy and grateful for another pair of socks. 

Want to put your brand on our socks? Contact our sales who will lead you through the whole process.  

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